Monday, April 30, 2012

OPPPSSSS Belated Uploading of Homework 

I was just going through my blog and realised I hadn't uploaded the repeats that we had done in class, i swear i had already done it but looks like it didnt get posted so here it is... 

half drop

Created this one by following the tutorial thats available on uts online.... basically you create your image extend the canvas size then duplicate it and move the second one up so it sits in the middle of the previous one on the side, and do the same for the one below.

blended half drop

Blended half drop follows the same principles however to eliminate seams and track marks using the blur, clone and other tools. 
Toss repeat. 
Completed this using the tutorial... in simple terms set up the page using guides to cross the page so that there is 4 sections. Place the image into the middle page of each section then use other images to cover one of the corners along the guide lines... then move the horizontal half above the guide line down to the bottom horizontal line... and do the same along the vertical guide line.... so you should now have a filled in square! thats just simple terms but the tutorial on uts online in which we used has it in more technical terms. 

Here is some examples of other types of repeats. 







After starring at  the same colours I grew a strong hatred for them so I decided a change was needed. I adjusted the hue of the working pattern I had produced of my half drop repeat and fixed up some of the seams using the clone and blur tools, so I now have a seamless trackless perfect design ready to submit tomorrow! 

so here it is my mirrored repeat that turned into a block repeat that turned into a half drop, thats staying as a half drop.... I was going to attempt a toss but after thinking about it I think it would be too busy, I quite enjoy this one!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Didn't really think that the design was getting the full impact so i decided to enlarge the pattern using the free transform tool... heres the result... 

Manage to complete a half drop repeat using a bit of blending, cloning and brushes to eliminate seams.... I am pleased with the end product... rather like it. It has a bit of symmetry and what not. 
Might be the one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This is one I decided to have a go at as a stripe mirror... However there is a small track mark.

I tried it again and was able to remove the track mark!

I also did one without the faded stripe.. just a normal mirror block repeat...

Still not sure whether or not I like the stripe or the normal one... It is a bit of an easy repeat... Might try some more later.


So I have been busy all day, and have put together this pattern... This is the factory pattern- The one used to "define pattern" on photoshop.

This is it on an A4 piece of paper.... The pattern works perfectly no track or seam marks, however the proportions dont work as well its a little big the pattern. Might try figuring it out a tad smaller because I really like it!

This was created by getting my saved scans that i had changed the hue and Saturation of, and arranging them in a square. I then followed a tutorial on a website, you can click HERE to view the tutorial.

P.s This is a mirror repeat!


So during this rainy day I decided while some of the flowers were out in bloom in my backyard ( they are temperamental and only come out when they feel like it) to pick them and take a few scans of some of the aspects of the vine.

The scans above are obviously scanned at 300 DPI for the best quality resolution, And of course they have been saved for web and devices so i could upload them onto the blog!
This scan I have also used various tools such as the polygon lasso tool, magic wand, and quick selection to cut around the flower.... A bit of a challenge and I don't like the look of it all that much... at all actually. I would have loved the twirly things to have been clear and precise but I would have had to spend the next 300 years going around it very carefully.

I also did a bit of research for some cool colour schemes I could use, so that I could still incorporate the flower without it looking so crappy. I came across Peter Pilotto's Fall 2012 collection on The FASHION PACK WEBSITE. The neon blue and green colour scheme is really striking and fell semi in love.
Peter Pilotto Fall 2012

So I then began to experiment with my scans, changing the hue and saturation till a liked the colours, Put them all on the one page ( With layers and all) and just messed around with possible pattern combinations ... heres the result!